Not a Business School. Not a Design School. 

We are ReWired.

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We believe in the power of collaboration to overcome the most pressing challenges of our time. Our community of mindblowers, connectors and mentors is led by 20+ leaders with a stake in the game: an unusual but powerful leadership model.


Kirsten Saenz

Founder Revolution Foods

Empowering children to make healthier choices by introducing nutritious school meals.


Emmanuel González

Founder ReWired

Fostering creative learning and skills everyone needs to thrive in today's society.


Tom Szaky

Founder TerraCycle

A profitable recycling solution for almost everything that we consider waste.


Carolina Prada

Fouder Casa Creativa

An impassioned case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world.


Kent Larson

Founder City Science MIT

Flexible designs and smart customization to fit more people in every city.


Stephanie Willerth

Founder Regenerative

3D Printed neural tissue could one day change brain and spinal treatment



Nicolas Chapados

Chief Scientist, Element AI

AI-based actionable predictive oncology analytics atop medical imaging data.

Disruptive Technologies

Sarah Cone

Founder Social Impact Capital

Backing entrepreneurs building companies that will have a scalable social impact.

Purpose-Driven Ventures

Richard Jhang

Founder StratMinds

Helping founders turn their vision into reality through execution support.

Building the future

Jean-David Bégin

Investor at Traction Ventures

Focused on helping startups find product market fit and establish an initial go to market strategy.

Early Stage Startups

Jean-François Côté

Founder district m

An open and transparent marketplace for publishers and advertisers. 

Digital Marketing and Sales

Alice Fournier

Associate Jump 

Fine-tune skills related to emotional intelligence and integrate them into your life.

Emotional Intelligence


Kristen Ferrer

Teaching the digital skills needed for the global talent force of tomorrow.


Samuel Pereira

Enabling millions of non-verbal disabled people to communicate and learn


Rosalie Bergeron

Upskilling women garment workers for new jobs in the age of automation


Sebastian Contreras

Enabling migrant workers to make informed work choices, helping to protect their rights.


Marc Lavoie

Expanding urban agriculture through stackable container farms.


Caroline Gagnon

Transforming survivors of human trafficking into software professionals.


Etienne Simard 

An AI-powered platform that personalizes education and improves learning outcomes


Andrew Almack

A platform that helps brands source recycled plastic, ensuring fair wages for waste pickers.


Let's make something great together