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What role will you play in the future of health?

Data convener

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Data-gathering organizations will have an economic model built around aggregating and storing individual, population, institutional, and environmental data. They will also promote interoperability and help ensure privacy/security. Data will be used to drive the future of health.

Data Cloud
Science and insights engine

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Some organizations will likely have an economic model driven by their ability to derive insights and define the algorithms that power the future of health. These organizations will conduct research, develop analytical tools, and generate data insights that go far beyond human capabilities in care delivery.

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Data and platform builder

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This new world of health will need infrastructure and platforms that can serve highly empowered and engaged individuals in real time. Someone will need to lay the pipes. Data and platform infrastructure builders will develop and manage site-less health infrastructure to link consumers and health stakeholders and set standards for platform components.

App Screens
Health product developer

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Health product developers will power the consumer health ecosystem by developing and manufacturing wellness and care products-from applications to drugs and devices. The economic model of these organizations are driven by their ability to enable well-being and care delivery. 

Vitamins and pills
Specialty care operator

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Two decades from now, we will still have disease, which means we will still need specialty care providers and highly specialized facilities where those patients can receive care. Specialty care operators will provide essential specialty care and interventions when in-home wellness and care efforts are insufficient.

3D Scans

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While there will be some specialty care, most health care will likely be delivered in localized health hubs. Localized health hubs will serve as centers for education, prevention, and treatment in a retail setting. Additionally, local hubs will connect consumers to virtual, home, and auxiliary wellness providers.

Hospital Employees
Localized health hub
Consumer-centric health community

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Along with companies that develop health products, other organizations will provide the structure that supports virtual communities. Consumer-centric health players will provide virtual, personalized wellness and care to consumers; leverage community to encourage behavior change; and drive consumer and caregiver education.

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Connectors and intermediaries

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These are the logistics providers that will run the just-in-time supply chain, facilitate device and medication procurement operations, and get the product to the consumer.

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 Individualized financier

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Unlike the health insurers of today, these organizations will create the financial products that individuals will use to navigate their care. These organizations will offer tailored modular and catastrophic care coverage packages. They will drive reductions in care costs by leveraging advanced risk models, consumer incentives and market power.

Insurance Agent
Explore and experience the new frontiers of learning and change
The ability to learn faster at scale will increasingly determine success. We are talking about learning in the form of creating new knowledge by confronting situations that have never been seen before and developing new approaches to create value. It’s learning through action, not just sitting and attending webinars or thinking great new thoughts.
Online or onsite

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We don’t lecture—we inspire, evoke, compel. Using the power of design, we bring ideas to life in creative ways that get a gut-level response and truly help people see new opportunities.

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We are partners in your success. In the process of addressing your challenges, we work alongside your teams to empower, enable, and help you show up at your best

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Remote teaming

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We are religious about the power of tools, but we also know they can do only so much if not informed by a powerfully integrated strategy. 

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