Lead into the unknown

Empower others to generate and execute bold ideas

Learn chair of Rewired Emmanuel González’s personal leadership philosophy and methods to scale creativity within your team and organization. You’ll learn how to guide teams into the unknown through the process of experimentation, break down a bold vision into actionable challenges, and make adjustments to culture to support creativity. Emmanuel, along with some of Rewired’s most experienced leaders, will help you unlock the potential of your team and organization.


  • Instill purpose, inspire, and motivate people to think beyond their job.

  • Increase your team and organization’s capacity for innovation by creating a culture of experimentation.

  • Enable others to tap into their potential by crafting well-framed questions.

  • Build trust and stay present and engaged with the work of your team.

  • Reinforce the beliefs and behaviors of creativity by designing rituals to guide your culture.

Time and when

2 weeks​. Online module. On-demand.


English, French or Spanish

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