Collective genius

Tap into diverse perspectives to foster creative thinking

Effective collaboration is about more than harmonious agreement or efficiency. Today's complex challenges require teams to navigate ambiguity, unearth bold ideas, and embrace a new way of working—one that harnesses the power of diverse perspectives and creative thinking to push past the obvious, safe solutions to the truly innovative ones. Gain the skills and techniques you need to foster creative collaboration and unleash the potential of a team.


  • Unlock your team’s ability to generate new ideas and reach better solutions by tapping into diverse perspectives.

  • Overcome inertia and uncertainty by guiding your team through an iterative process designed to spark creativity and gain alignment.

  • Establish the cultural conditions that teams need to thrive with thoughtful rituals and agreements.

  • Turn tensions between ideas into opportunities for your biggest leaps forward.

Time and when

2 weeks​. Online module. On-demand.


English, French or Spanish

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