The circular fashion

8 hours / Online Immersion
How might we re-envision the fashion and textiles industries through circularity?

Collaborating to drive a more circular future 

In a moment when global consumption is pushing against planetary boundaries, the circular economy is a model in which waste becomes a resource, natural systems and farming communities are uplifted, and loops are closed so that all materials realize their highest value. We believe that designing for the circular economy is one of the most urgent challenges of our time. We have a responsibility to design products and services that are not just good for people, but will support the longevity of our planet. The challenge is more than any one organization can tackle alone. Our circular future brings people and organizations together to take action, pooling risk and resources to enable a regenerative economy and scale their impact.

Designing the future together

Rather than only discussing ideas around a table, we focus on building physical prototypes that make intangible concepts concrete and validate new ideas for circularity. This mentality and the members’ various skill sets—from sourcing to distribution, packaging to retail, waste to finance, and more—help them design circular prototypes that are ready to be taken to market faster than traditional R&D methods.

Our focus areas include

Shifting Behaviors

How might we shift from a disposable to an investment mindset and enable new consumer behaviors around ownership, peer-to-peer networks, waste reduction, and keeping products in circulation?


Unlocking Digital Technology

How might we capture new kinds of data, leverage digital technology to decouple growth from resource consumption, and design for interoperability across value chains?


Reimagining Distribution and Packaging

How might we design logistics and packaging that offer accessibility, better resource utilization, and reduced waste and pollution?


Rethinking Sourcing and Materials

How might we explore the role of materials and regenerative farming practices in boosting the circularity of products and packaging?


Scaling Circular Design

How might we activate a global community of leaders and designers to make decisions that support regeneration across the packaging, and fashion value systems?ue systems?

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Meet our mentors

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Ronald Castro

R&D Director


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Claire Bisft

Founder and CEO

Regen Clothing